Welcome to the website dedicated to the history of diving in Holland. After more than 30 years of collecting old diving books, related photographs and vintage diving apparatus it seems time to share the information with a broader audience. The website provides an account of the early days of diving here in Holland and the development and use of diving apparatus and equipment. The story begins in 1605 with the ‘Leeghwater Diving Bell’ which is then followed by historical sections in chronological order. Sections which include the import and use of the English ‘Deane’ diving apparatus in 1836 and a journalist’s account from 1843 on diving a Dutch ‘open’ helmet made by Bikkers of Rotterdam. This is followed by the import of various diving apparatus for use by both the military and commercial enterprises from manufacturers including Denayrouze, Heinke, Siebe Gorman, Ludwig von Bremen (later HAGENUK) Fr. Flohr, Draeger, and more recently Yokohama, Kirby Morgan, Aquadyne and the Dutch made van Leest and Pommec equipment. The information, photographs and illustrations shown on this website are sourced from my personal archive. Many photographs were taken of helmets which I no longer own. Owners of any particular helmet shown on this website who would like their name to be mentioned with the actual photograph as the owner should contact me.

Thank you, David L.Dekker.

Chronology of Diving in Holland:

1605. Jan Adriaansz.Leeghwater

1832. Hugh Morton

1836. Deane

1839. Augustus Siebe

1839. Augustus Siebe (2)

1839. Augustus Siebe (3)

1841. Bikkers Rotterdam

1844. Heinke

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze (2)

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze (3)

1890. Friedrich Flohr

1899. Drägerwerk

1912. Drägerwerk (2)

1942. Drägerwerk (3)

1945. La Spirotechnique

1945. La Spirotechnique (2)

1945. La Spirotechnique (3)

1945. Zock, Dordrecht

1955. E.P.L. de Hoog, Alkmaar

1983. Jan van Leest

1984. Pommec

1992. Henk Oostenveld

2002. Kees de Jonge

2004. Krul en Dekker

Alphabetical International Index:

The DiveScrap INDEX

2004. Krul en Dekker (2)

2004. Krul en Dekker (3)

2004. Krul en Dekker (4)

2012. Henk-Jan Vijn


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At the right an engraving from 1843 which shows a diver at work in Rotterdam. He is equiped with the very first Dutch diving helmet made by Bikkers from Rotterdam, Holland. It was copied from the English Deane helmet, read the whole story in the chapter 1841 Bikkers Rotterdam

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