2004. Krul & Dekker

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Rob has a huge workshop where he manufactures special parts for ships, from small parts to complete steam engines for retro steam-yachts, and he turned all the brass parts for the replica snout masks we made. With the help of my father who is a sculptor in bronze, we cast the rest of the parts, and with the help of Rob's father, who hard soldered the domes, we hand hammered the copper for the snout masks. Once this project was reaching its final stage Rob and I got enthusiastic. We had found some old German regulator helmets made by Franz Clouth. These rare helmets needed repair, but since we had found a way of manufacturing the parts we decided to see if it was possible to both repair the helmets to the original design and rebuild an all brass German regulator for them. These all brass regulators are finished now but we are currently working on the leather belts for them. The leather we have, but to find exactly the right size buckles made in brass is difficult. We may have to manufacture the buckles ourselves which is another time consuming issue. This chapter will be finished later when the regulators are all there and after we have done some diving with them. We already have taken orders for these regulators but there are some available for sale as well, inquiries are invited through the email link here below.

Shown here below: some snapshots of the first german regulator which was finished. As soon as we dived with it we will have more photographs and experiences to share.

Project 3 The German Regulator Backpack

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1605. Jan Adriaansz.Leeghwater

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1841. Bikkers Rotterdam

1844. Heinke

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze (2)

1860. Rouquayrol Denayrouze (3)

1890. Friedrich Flohr

1899. Drägerwerk

1912. Drägerwerk (2)

1942. Drägerwerk (3)

1945. La Spirotechnique

1945. La Spirotechnique (2)

1945. La Spirotechnique (3)

1945. Zock, Dordrecht

1945. E.P.L. de Hoog, Alkmaar

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1984. Pommec

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2002. Kees de Jonge

2004. Krul en Dekker

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