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Part 2

1945. La Spirotechnique SCUBA

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1945. La Spirotechnique (2)

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1955 La Spirotechnique ‘MISTRAL’ regulator

1945 - 1990’s The La Spirotechnique ‘Narghile’ (Hookah) regulators

1945 - 1955 The La Spirotechnique CG45 ‘Narghile’ (Hookah) regulator

1965 La Spirotechnique ‘Mistral-PRO’ (Hookah) regulator

Manuel du plongeur autonome, first edition 1955

Manuel du plongeur autonome, second edition 195?

1956 La Spirotechnique ‘MISTRAL’ regulator on a ‘Tri-Alu’ tank

La Spirotechnique Mistral Diving Manual USA edition 1956

19?? La Spirotechnique ‘Narguile’ (Hookah) regulator

1956 La Spirotechnique ‘MISTRAL’ regulator.

The photo above shows a La Spirotechnique ‘Mistral’ regulator which was introduced in 1955. There are several versions of the company badges on the Mistral regulators existing: the rarest has the company address with ‘6 Rue Cognac Jay’ ( shown here above ) which was only manufactured for 1 year. In 1956 La Spirotechnique moved to ‘Rue Trebois Levallois’ and even though this is the most common address to be found on the badge of a Mistral regulator there are still several different versions of these common badges existing. The last version of these badges have the address ‘Rue Marius Aufan’ on them, also a version which is rather uncommon because at that time the single hose regulator and the ‘Royal Mistral’ had already been introduced. After the Mistral was introduced in 1955 La Spirotechnique only manufactured the older CG45 regulator for government departments like the military, police and firebrigades. Photograph David L.Dekker.

The manual above shows the Mistral regulator without a company badge, it is shown on a tank with again a different harness when compared to the previous manual of the 1950 - 1955 era. Manual David L.Dekker collection.

The second edition of the Mistral manual shows the Mistral regulator with a company badge. The lay-out is completely different, now also a triple tank set is shown. Manual David L.Dekker collection.

The USA edition of the Mistral manual shows the Mistral regulator without a company badge but now also a hookah version is shown. The lay-out is completely different compared to the french editions, the tanks have again a different ( green ) harness when compared to the previous manuals ( white harnesses ) Manual David L.Dekker collection.

The regulator above was never used, it has the second version company badge with the ‘Rue Trebois Levallois’ address on it. Photograph David L.Dekker

The photo above shows the 1956 Mistral on a‘Tri-Alu’. This tank set was made of aluminium but still very heavy. Photograph David L.Dekker.

Very popular with the professional divers and adopted by the government services was the hookah version of the La Spirotechnique regulators which were known as the ‘Narghile’. The diver had the regulator strapped on his back with a harness and the air was supplied from the surface by either a compressor, a buffer-tank or both. The advantage was that the diver could stay underwater for as long as he wanted: as long as the compressor kept running he had an air-supply. It were these ‘Narghile’ equipments which  at some point meant the end for the classic diving equipments with copper helmets and large air-pumps. Several versions have been manufactured:

This early version of the ‘Narghile’ regulator is basically a CG45. I have only one CG45 narghile in my collection but there were several versions made (do you have another version? please send me a picture)

The CG45 ‘Narghile’ illustrated in the fourth edition of the CG45 Diving Manual 1950 - 1955 It may well be an earlier illustration because the hoses are directly clamped on the regulator and mouthpiece, also does the mouthpiece have a longer tube then the later CG45’s.

Another version of the ‘Narghile’. This regulator is basically a CG45 but now has the company badge of a Mistral with the Rue Trebois Levaillois addres on it. I don’t know when this regulator was first introduced but it is illustrated in the 1965 La Spirotechnique sales catalog where it is called the ‘Mistral-PRO’ regulator. Photographs David L.Dekker

The last version of the ‘Narghile’, the regulator has a top cover of a CG45 but now has an aluminium company badge with NARGHILE and no address on it. Note that the word NARGHILE is different from the ‘one but last version’ which has the name NARGUILE on it. Photographs David L.Dekker


The one but last version of the ‘Narguile’, the regulator has a top cover of a CG45 but now has a brass company badge with NARGUILE and no address on it. Photographs David L.Dekker

19?? La Spirotechnique ‘Narghile’ (Hookah) regulator

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